• Misty: Episodes 1-6 (Open Thread)

    Misty: Episodes 1-6 (Open Thread)

    mary: We're trying something new! (Or rather, reviving an old thing and making it new again!) We're kicking off weekly Open Threads for shows that we absolutely want need to...

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    Radio Romance: Episode 7

    As pressure from the outside wars with Su-ho's own desires, he's swiftly approaching a breaking point. It's starting to become obvious that he won't be able to maintain his carefully...

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    Woohoo Waikiki: Episode 5

    Good news! There is not one scene in this episode that will make you want to throw up. What we do have is a lot more laughs, a lot more...

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    Hwayugi: Episode 16

    Is it too much to ask for just one hour of romance without any mention of apocalypses, deadly fates, or eternal suffering to ruin the moment? I know the answer...


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