• Miss Lee: Episode 1

    Miss Lee: Episode 1

    Everyone say hello to Miss Lee, tvN's new office drama starring Hyeri as the ditzy but lovable office worker who somehow finds herself president of a company. The premiere surprised...

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    Be Melodramatic: Episodes 9-16 (Series review)

    You guyssss, it's over! What are we to do? Letting go of dramas is never easy, but it's proving to be especially hard with Be Melodramatic. Mainly because I got...

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    Hell Is Other People: Episode 7

    How do you gauge your mental state when the people you think are crazy say you're fine, and those you believed were on your side turn away? Our hero is...

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    Vagabond: Episode 3

    Our grieving hero sure has managed to get himself into a whole lot of trouble, hasn't he? He's reckless with sorrow and anger, but if he doesn't learn to manage...


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